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HOMEMetropolitan areaAPA Hotel 〈 Akihabara Ekimae 〉

APA Hotel 〈 Akihabara Ekimae 〉


Date of stay

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Number of rooms

TEL 03-5822-5111

Basic Information

Address 〒101-0025
2-13-20, Kandasakumacho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 03-5822-5111 FAX 03-5822-5112
Check IN/OUT 15:00 / 11:00
Guest rooms Total 137 rooms
Parking: 2 Arrival order, reservations are impossible / 3000 yen per night (tax-included)
Facilities Restaurant (1F) "Tokachi DINING& Japan WINE buta-ck"
Free WiFi access is available in all guest rooms and in the lobby (Free LAN cable access is also available in all rooms at the same time)


■Normal room rate

Single \18,000- Semi-double \24,000-
Double \30,000- DX twin \50,000-

※Rate fluctuates day by day.
※The rate mentioned above includes service tax, consumption tax.
※We also have a smoking floor.


■Tokachi DINING& Japan WINE buta-ck

■Hot Topics

Meal X Japan WINE of Tokachi

With ingredients which grew up in Nature of Hokkaido
Wine to collect from winery of all over Japan is always 50 kinds
Please enjoy cooking that is good to wine.

■Breakfast of buta-ck
 It is Japanese-Western style breakfast available.
 Here is recommended!
 Japanese : Tokachi set meal
  ①Hokkaido direct shipment! Bake plumply, and is very juicy; nohokke from Hiroo, Tokachi.
  ②Just cooked! We spend Chiba product and shine.
  ③All the dishes are handmade! We take miso soup out of soup stock.
 Western: Tokachi self-sand breakfast
  ①Croissant which we baked from cloth in kitchen.
  ②All the dishes are handmade! Specially made soup of chef.

Breakfast ■Opening hours: /6:30-9:00 (the last entering a shop)
■Rate /1,100 Japanese yen (it includes advance sale / tax), 1,300 yen (it includes / tax on the day)
 Please choose on the day than following two kinds.
 ●Japanese : Tokachi set meal
   Three kinds of rice / miso soup / pickle / hokke / mini-salad / small bowls from Hiroo, Tokachi
    ※Rice, miso soup, coffee - as much as you like
 ●Western: Tokachi self-sand breakfast
   Bread / soup / sea berry jam yogurt / pastrami with Ezo pig
   Hash potato /
    ※For soup and coffee, you can take as much as you like
Dinner ■It is regular holiday as of ※ only on Monday for celebration from 17:00 to 24:00 on - 5:00/ day at 17:00 on - 2:00/ Friday and Saturday at 17:00 for / from Monday to Thursday for business hours
 A la carte
 ●Cold water greens
  ・Terrine of Yezo deer             …\1,260
  ・Assorted cheese from Tokachi          …\1,400
  ・Assorted raw ham salami sausage of Yezo deer and pig    …\1,470
 ●Salad vegetables
  ・Whim salad              …\730
  ・Anchovy Mayo of season vegetables         …\950
 ●onsai PIZZA
  ・Tokachi jaga cheese             …\890
  ・Assorted sausages of today's Ezo pig, deer  …\1,260 
  ・Asparagus and anchovy PIZZA        …\1,350
 ●The main greens
  ・Highest grade aging Ezo pig rose ton beefsteak       …\1,630
  ・Steak of Yezo deer             …\1,800
  ・Grill of Atka mackerel from Hiroo, Tokachi         …\1,890
  ・Yezo deer red wine stew from Tokachi        …\2,100
 ●Rice noodles
  ・junobezepasuta of scallop from Nemuro     …\1,100
  ・butamaru bowl [regular]             …\1,160
  ・Highest grade aging Ezo pig rose bowl [regular]       …\1,400
  ・Gelato of sea berry          …\520
  ・Ice pan                …\630
  ・Japanese wine / beer / shochu and soda sour / sake / wine / shochu / whiskey /
   Cocktail / original cocktail / soft drink
 ※We place only part of menu.
  Please confirm recommended menus in detail at store.
Additional information We cannot refund at the time of no eating. Please understand the situation.
In addition, we cannot accept a cancellation of the reservation by a plan.


■Hotel facilities, serviceFree for freeCharge Charge

  • Parking:  Parking:
  • Copy / FAX service  Copy / FAX service
  • Rental PC  Rental PC
  • Laundry service  Laundry service
  • Check-out extension  Check-out extension
  • Breakfast  Breakfast
  • AED  AED
  • Vending machine (drink)  Vending machine (drink)
  • Coin laundry  Coin laundry
  • Ice machine  Ice machine
  • Microwave oven  Microwave oven
  • APA room theater (VOD)  APA room theater (VOD)
  • Liquid crystal TV  Liquid crystal TV
  • Air cleaner  Air cleaner
  • Humidifier (permanent construction, rental)  Humidifier (permanent construction, rental)
  • Cloud fit (APA Hotel original bed) all rooms  Cloud fit (APA Hotel original bed) all rooms
  • Automatic adjustment machine setting  Automatic adjustment machine setting
  • Egg-shaped modular bath  Egg-shaped modular bath
  • Fixed-quantity stop cock, saving water shower  Fixed-quantity stop cock, saving water shower
  • Wi-Fi connection (all guest rooms, lobby)  Wi-Fi connection (all guest rooms, lobby)

■Service common throughout APA Hotel

  • Early check-in  Early check-in
  • Late check-out  Late check-out
  • Free check-out  Free check-out
  • bed-sharing infant free (1 preschool child for 1 bed)  bed-sharing infant free (1 preschool child for 1 bed)
  • Fleece pot (lobby)  Fleece pot (lobby)
  • Wheelchair rental  Wheelchair rental
  • Pants presser rental [Free]  Pants presser rental [Free]
  • Kemurifusegun (Smoke Guard) to prevent smoke  Kemurifusegun (Smoke Guard) to prevent smoke
  • Wired LAN connection (Free)  Wired LAN connection (Free)
  • Non-smoking room setting  Non-smoking room setting
  • Deodorant spray  Deodorant spray
  • Refrigerator (empty)  Refrigerator (empty)
  • High-quality duvet  High-quality duvet
  • Convex glasses rental  Convex glasses rental
  • Tea set  Tea set
  • Antibacterial slippers insole  Antibacterial slippers insole
  • Folded paper crane  Folded paper crane
  • Yukata  Yukata
  • Apple Town (monthly publication)  Apple Town (monthly publication)
  • Toothbrushing set  Toothbrushing set
  • Razor  Razor
  • Brush  Brush
  • Shampoo & conditioner (Shiseido)  Shampoo & conditioner (Shiseido)
  • Body soap (Shiseido)  Body soap (Shiseido)
  • Different colors towel (more than 2 guest rooms)  Different colors towel (more than 2 guest rooms)
  • Dryer  Dryer
  • Toilet seat with warm water flush system  Toilet seat with warm water flush system


Train ■JR Yamanote Line, Keihin-Tohoku Line, Sobu Main Line, Tsukuba express "Akihabara Station"
 Than street mouth of the Showa era a 1-minute walk
■Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line "Akihabara"
 From No.1 exit, 1-minute walk
■Toei Subway Shinjuku Line "Iwamotocho"
 From A4 exit, 5-minute walk
■Tokyo Metro Ginza Line "Suehirocho"
 From No.1 exit, 11-minute walk
Metropolitan bus From Akihabara station square bus stop
East 42 otsu, Minamisenju garage
Tea 51 Komagome Station south exit
Autumn 26 Kasai station square
Haneda Airport ■From Haneda Airport, approximately 35 minutes
 "Haneda Airport (No.1, No.2) terminal"
 ↓ ・Tokyo monorail
 "Hamamatsucho Station" transfer
 ↓ ・JR Yamanote Line, Keihintohoku Line
 Get off at "Akihabara Station", from Showa-dori exit, 2-minute walk
Narita Airport ■From Narita Airport, approximately 55 minutes
 "Narita Airport"
 ↓ ・Keisei limited express Skyliner
 "Nippori Station" transfer
 ↓ ・JR Yamanote Line, Keihintohoku Line
 Get off at "Akihabara Station", from Showa-dori exit, 2-minute walk


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